Coaching-A New Perspective

What you can expect from coaching

Coaching is a proactive approach for capable people to live the present fully and create their ideal future; for people who, when freed up and focused on their most important activities and goals, get the right things done and make a positive difference in their environment and the world at large.Read More…

Consulting & Coaching Services

How you can benefit from coaching

Are you facing a personal, business or career challenge, wanting to create a more meaningful life or want more free time to focus on who and what is most important to you? Or if you just want to talk things out with a neutral confidante, then coaching may be ideal for you.

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Coaching Courses

The 8 Steps to Create Your Ideal Coaching Practice

Our courses, coaching, mentoring and mastery groups are offered to inspire and enable new coaches to set a stable business foundation and to implement effective growth strategies so they can experience the fulfillment and joy of coaching and ensure their continual expansion…

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Useful Resources

The 5 Levels of Time Management

How do you discipline yourself to do those key important things every day that you know you should do? The most effective time management tools from Stephen Covey and Ben Franklin are summarized in "Level 5 Time Management: Beyond Stephen Covey and … [Read More...]

Set a Breakthrough Goal today

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" poet Mary Oliver asks us. Is there something you've always wanted to do, to experience, a special place to visit.. but haven't yet? Are you ready to make a quantum leap … [Read More...]

The Pyramid of Success

  Coach John Wooden's Pyramid of Success contains fifteen habits that he had his champion players develop through daily basketball practice. At the foundation is Industriousness, then Friendship, Loyalty, Cooperation and Enthusiasm. The … [Read More...]

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Client Success

Writer’s block vanished. Before our call, I had given up on my writing, my photography and other talents and relationships I abandoned and let atrophy over the years. You got me to see what I am capable of and what I have to do next to achieve success in this field. Having the right resources and this awesome Plan (and you to call if I falter!) revived my confidence and started the creative juices flowing again. I’m on a roll!
Author, Los Angeles